A Squamish Mortgage Broker will help you find
the best mortgage rates and product for your needs.

How can a Squamish mortgage broker help?

Squamish Mortgage Brokers study rate markets and have direct access to several different lenders.
A Mortgage Broker can offer you highly competitive rates that are among the best available.

Save time and potential stress by using a Local Squamish Mortgage Broker who knows the area and will deal with the lender on your behalf. Let a Squamish professional help you get the best rate and product for you.

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A Mortgage Broker can help you attain your dream home in Squamish BC

Squamish has a fantastic selection of quality mortgage broker professionals.

Annie De la Chevrotiere
Annie de la Chevortiere

Ph: 778-952-7815
Web: peaktopeakmortgage.com
Email: annie@peaktopeakmc.com

Peak to Peak Mortgage Squamish
the mortgage center
Paul Hudson Mortgage Broker
Paul Hudson

Ph: 604.849.2227
Web: paulhudsonmortgages.ca
Email: paul@paulhudsonmortgages.ca

Riverside Mortgage
Felicity Brempong Squamish Mortgage
Felicity Brempong

Ph: 604.619.4101
Toll Free: 1.888.988.6682 x 225
Web: wemortgagecanada.ca
Email: Felicity@WeMortgageCanada.ca

The Nova Team
Michele Ellis - The Mortgage Studio
Michele Ellis

Ph: 604.892.4647
The Mortgage Studio 38155 2nd Avenue
Web: micheleellis.com
Email: mellis@telus.net

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Why use a mortgage broker? 

Benefits of a Squamish Mortgage Broker

✔ Compared to a bank, mortgage brokers deal with many lenders and so have more leaning options.
✔ You can also save time; it can take hours to apply for different loans. A broker can save you the hassle of managing that process.
✔ Choosing a Squamish Mortgage Broker will give you the knowledge of the local market which can help in getting your loan.
✔ Mortgage brokers are generally willing to make appointments at the time and place that’s convenient for you, including after work hours or on weekends.
✔ Home loans are so much more than just interest rates. A professional broker can explain the various subtleties of different loans which can make a big difference to the bottom line

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